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Who is Hanoi Aquinet?

My name is Hanoi S. Aquinet. I was born in Cuba, in its second-largest island located south of Havana about 61 miles apart from the main land called “Isle of Pines” now known as “Isle of Youth” after Fidel Castro changed its name in 1978. My mother, who has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting wanted me to become an Engineer or a Specialist of some sort, although my heart and every cell of my body never found sounded interest on any of my mother’s desires, I ended up following her steps and graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finances in 2003. Ever since I remember I always wanted to be a musician. I always dreamed big and despite all the challenges and obstacles life put on my way for me not to become one, I made my dream come true. At age 26 I flew out of Cuba for the first time to perform all over Jamaica on a full 1 year contract but after 3 years of music, beach and summer in this beautiful paradise life once again began pushing me around letting me know that knew opportunities were being presented to me. I came to the US in 2013 leaving behind my heart and passion “music”. Just like any other immigrant I worked on every possible job you can think of, from UPS helper to waiter, even bodyguard…you name it. In 2015 I started working for corporate America in the staffing industry and it wasn’t until 2018 when I discovered Real State that my heart once again started pounding out of passion. I became a Real State professional in 2020, it was a life challenge I’ve wanted to overcome and a goal I wanted to achieve. Helping people not only achieve their American dream but also guide them and help them through one of the most important decision and acquisition of their lives is a blessing and my purpose in live.


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Here to Help You Buy the Right Home or Sell for the Best Price!

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