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Who is Vanessa Ronda?

My name is Vanessa Ronda. I was born here in New Jersey and raised here for the majority of my life. Growing up I moved quite a lot, out of the state, to Puerto Rico. Throughout all of that, I learned the value of maintaining relationships as well as connecting with people to create new ones. Throughout my life I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet amazing people and obtain relationships which have truly contributed to the person I am today.

 After being a food server for over 10 years, the pandemic caused me as well as many others to rethink life and what my purpose really is. Now that I am a mother to a beautiful girl how can I truly set an example for her? It suddenly dawned on me that I’ve always been an extremely performance-driven person, and I looked back on the days when my restaurant used to do a weekly sales contests and I would always strive to win, and be disappointed if I didn’t. It also dawned on me how I love connecting with different people, and it’s what I’ve done my entire life, and that real estate would be the perfect opportunity to combine everything that drives me together, but most importantly, allow me the opportunity to show my daughter that she can be anything she wants in life.

 With that being said, I am ready to embark on a continuous new journey to help as many people as possible achieve their dreams of owning a home or selling their home so they can move somewhere they’ve always wanted. I believe in growth and doing what has to be done for a better quality of life, and if you do too, let me help you achieve that!

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Here to Help You Buy the Right Home or Sell for the Best Price!

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